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Built-In Fireplaces

Built-In Fireplaces

Inventive fireplace designs dramatically reduce installation time and building costs. From built-in fireplaces and customised burner kits to freestanding models and outdoor fire pits, EcoSmart’s bioethanol fireplaces save builders valuable time and money. Open Gallery


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Multi Use Patio's On Trend for 2021

The outdoor living trend continues to grow (accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic), with more US homeowners now more aware of their outdoor spaces.

Effortlessly On Trend

EcoSmart's XL burners and even several of the BK Series square-shaped burners are increasingly being used to create a ‘stretched' flame.

A Fit For Every Project

Beyond warmth and ambiance, Flex Series creates a luxurious focal point, adds character and interest to the room, and helps define layouts and use of space.

Breathing New Life Into Old Hearts

Nearly every home of the earlier eras has a non-working fireplace but everyone aspires for them to be working again, whether for ambience or to warm up a room.

Build Your Concrete Oasis

Ideal for courtyards, patios, pool decks and terraces, our new concrete collection is available in 4 distinct colors that will compliment your setting.

Built-In Solutions

No flue or chimney needed, no soot, no smoke, no ash, quick and easy installation, indoor and outdoor. It's easy with EcoSmart Fire.

City Living

Finally, a ventless fire design solution for urban dwellings!

Creating A Sense Of Space

Today, more than ever, creating distinctive social settings that are welcoming and feel like 'home' is a vital trend across myriad architectural environments — from commercial to hospitality to residential.

Creative Offices Embrace Fire Design

The XL900 is the longest burner in the XL series and produces a beautiful linear name.

4 Ways To Customize Your Fireplace

Design a custom firebox, flame to flame, take it off the wall, forego the firebox. Custom designs take the fireplace to the next level.

Dining With Fire

Adding ambience and warmth to your venue is easy with EcoSmart Fire.

Eco-Awareness Drives Demand For Ethanol

It’s the time of year people give more thought to heating, particularly to the costs and the impact of gas and wood-burning fireplaces on the environment. Which is where ethanol fireplaces come to the fore.

Flex Series

Flex Series offers unprecedented choice and flexibility. From small to large, residential, commercial or hospitality environments we make it easy to achieve your interior design vision.

Heart Felt Warmth

Shift your attention from power tools to backyard makeovers and add to your Dad's enjoyment of the outdoors.

Home away from Home

Luxury hotels around the world are embracing the versatility and ambiance of EcoSmart Fire to create intimate spaces where guests can kick back and relax.

Hot Hotels Embrace Fire Design

The world's top luxury hotels trust EcoSmart Fire. Paramount Hotel, Vinoy Renaissance Resorts & Golf Club, St. James Hotel, Flemings Hotel and more.

Move to Modern

From contemporary spaces to historically significant buildings, Ecosmart fires are being cleverly incorporated into the most unique and individual of environments.

Summer Fireplace Trends

Fire and water, outdoor living spaces, keep it linear, fire as art. Check the latest and hottest fireplace design trends this summer.

How To Choose Your Finish

We offer a range of finishes and colors to complement your decor. Learn how to pair our finishes with your setting.

How to With Igloo

Learn tow to add ambience, create a room divider, highlight a window or wall, create a focal point, use in place of a traditional fireplace.

Incorporating Fire

Did you know that EcoSmart Fire's bioethanol burner technology is entirely ventless? Because Bioethanol is a clean-burning fuel source you don't need a flue or chimney at all!

Making a Statement

Fire: An element that has been around since the dawn of time and has always held a certain quality that draws us in.

Modern Fireplace In Minutes!

The self-contained engineering of our EcoSmart Fire burner system makes all of our outdoor fireplaces incredibly easy to relocate as needed.

More Than Meets The Eye

With nearly 15 years under our belt, EcoSmart Fire ticks a lot of boxes. You'll be impressed with our vast range of features.

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