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Stunning Outdoor Feature Walls

The Traditional Fireplace Gets a Breath of Fresh Air

As the weather has warmed up and people are spending more time outdoors, that doesn't mean the comforts of your indoor lifestyle have to stay behind. Bring the warmth and beauty of a fireplace to the outdoors with EcoSmart Fire's fireplace inserts or bioethanol burners utilized in an outdoor feature wall.

EcoSmart Fire Flex 32SS single sided fireplace insert
EcoSmart Fire BK5 ethanol burner
EcoSmart Fire Flex 158SS single sided fireplace insert

Long favored as a way to visually anchor and define open space, a feature wall with fire only enhances those much desired qualities. Use them to add visual interest and extra warmth to a dining area, pair with stone for a rustic look, or use it as an anchor for a seating area. No utility connections and no smoke make for easy installation and enjoyment No matter how they’re used, a fire infused feature wall will be the talk and focal point of your outdoor space.