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How to With Igloo

Add ambience to any indoor or outdoor space

Igloo requires no electric, no gas, no venting, and is powered by clean burning ethanol fuel. Igloo can be used in residential and commercial applications such as hi-rise condos, lobbies, restaurants, bars, and offices.

EcoSmart Fire Igloo Designer FireplaceEcoSmart Fire Igloo BK5 fireplace

Create a room divider

Moderately create room division without altering the charm of an open floor plan.

EcoSmart Fire Igloo BK5 designer fireplace

Highlight a window or wall

Glass surrounds create a disappearing effect when placed in front of windows, doors and feature walls. The clear frame allows it to blend in with any decor style while simultaneously enhancing it.

EcoSmart Fire Igloo BK5 Designer Fireplace

Create a focal point

Igloo’s dancing flame draws in the eye for a breathtaking focal point keeping you captivated while comfortable in its warmth.

EcoSmart Fire Igloo BK5 Designer Fireplace

Use in place of a traditional fireplace

Made entirely of glass and stainless steel, Igloo is a sleek and modern update to the traditional fireplace. With 13,000 BTUs, Igloo comfortably warms a room.

EcoSmart Fire Igloo portable fire pit

Unpack, position and light

Igloo comes fully assembled, no tools required and takes just a couple of minutes to set up.